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Love Poems and Quotes!

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Love Poems and Quotes!
To Mah Friends!

LOVE poems and Quotes
Memory lasts forever,
Never does it die,
True friends stay together,
Never say good-bye.

When I first saw you,
I was afraid to talk to you,
When I first talked to you,
I was afraid to like you,
When I first liked you,
I was afraid to love you,
Now that I love you,
I'm afraid of losing you.

I love you in the morning,
I love you at night,
I love you when you're wrong,
As much as when you're right,
I love you when you're up,
I love you when you're down,
I love you when you smile,
I feel bad when you frown,
I love all the ways you show me that you care,
I love the safe warm feeling,
Knowing that you're there,
I love you no matter what you say or do,
AND that's why all you ever hear out of me,
Is I Love You!

I am not suppose to love you,
I am not suppose to care,
I am not suppose to live my life,
Wishing that you were there,
I am not suppose to wonder,
Where you are or what you do,
But I can't help it because I'm in love with you.
.....iF i cOuLd PiCk [[OnE]] m0meNt aNd aLwAyS keeP iT [[NeW]] 0utTa All tHa MoMeNtS iN my LiFe iD pIcK tHa MoMeNt i FeLL iN l0vE wiT y0u.....
HoLd My HaNd BaBiE..
wE cAn MaKe It I sWeAr*

~ If you love someone put their name is a circle becuase hearts can be broken.~


I wish you were a teady bear, so I could be with you all night!

True love. u want to be with them all the time u stay with them every min.
u can.when ur not with them ur thinkin about them, ur thinkin about the next time u get to be with them. In the meantime ur sitting there saying wow i really do love them
YOu mAke mE smiLe iN a speCiaL kiNda wAy
yOu mAkE me fAlL dEepEr iN lOvE eVeryDay
yOu lOok iN my eYes aNd mAkE iT trUe
tHeRes nOoNe iN thE wOrLd fOr mE bUt yOu
wHen sum1 asKs u abOuT me...

i dOn't xpEct u 2 say...

"i LoVe thaT guY !!"


"he's sO speCiaL..."

iT's eNough fOr me tO heaR u saY...

"he dO lovEs me..."
Her- 'night night, sweet dreams'
him- 'see you in them'

Love is gentle... Love is kind... Love is giving... Love is quick to forgive... Love is motivating... Love is respectful... Love is accepting... Love mends wounds... Love endure.