KaI'Z SiTe Go<<<<< CoOl StUFf!
WeEd PoEmS
funny ASS pictures look hurr!
WeEd PoEmS
161 condom sayings
skateboarding logoz
sex bracelts mean
Wut GuyZ NaMes MeaN!
26 things a aweet guy would do!
1st letta of ur name means.....???
thats wut i call lyrics!
NaUgHtY QuOteS<<<<<<<<<
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To Mah Friends!

:*:SMoKeRs LiVe AnD SMoKeRs DiE, BuT In ThE EnD We AlL GeT HigH, So If At FirSt YoU DoNt SuCceEd, RoLl A BluNt WitH loTs Of WeEd, TaKe ThAt BlUnT AnD LigHt It Up, ConGrAtULAtIoNs, NoW YoUr AlL fukEd Up!:*:

PeAcE : PoT : TeQuiLLa sHot
GoD LoVeS uS -SToNeD oR nOt-

...bOy i wiLL givE u evErythinG u nEed...
...bOy me wiD ouT u is likE a...
...bLunt wiD ouT wEed...

iMa Do SuM DruGz
iMa FuK SuM ThUgZ
iMa DRinK aLoT
iMa SmOkE SuM PoT
iMa Do SuM THiNgZ
BuT ItZ aLL GoOd CuZ i HaVeNT GrOwN uP YeT

WhY gO tO HiGhScHoOL,
wHeN yOu cAn Go tO sChOoL HiGh?!

[( .pixXY stiXx. )]
--cUZ nOt evERy kiD cAN afFOrD cRAcK!—LoL

I sMoKe TwO jOiNtZ iN tHe MoRninG.
I sMoKe TwO jOiNtZ aT nIgHt
I sMoKe TwO jOiNtZ iN tHe AfTeRnOoN iT mAkEz Me FeEl AlRyTe!
I sMoKe TwO jOiNtZ iN tHe TiMe OF PeAcE aNd TwO iN tHe TiMe OF WaR!
I sMoKe TwO jOiNtZ bEfOrE i SmOkE tWo JoInTz AnD ThEn I sMoKe TwO mOrE

װװ װװ װװ װװ װװ
װװ Rollin On Dubs װװ
װװװװ װװ װװ װװ

Ish Gangsta Now Let's /// Dip,Slip,Ride,Get High

Tru Playas Smoke Them Joints Tru Hoes Play Them Niggas

/ If You Smoke That Hennessy / / Hoes You'll Feel Mo' Bettassy /

Hit It Right Behind Jump Imma Make It Bump

״~- you smoke -`~`

1 HiT oF Me iS LyK 10 HiTs oF E! So EnTeR My wOrLd oF *ExTaCy*

**Dig a lil hole, plant a lil seed, wait a lil while, and smoke a lot of weed!**

S m O k E a J o i N t N o T a B u T t F u C k a V i R g i N N o T a s L u T

({ ii take a bOwL tO dha head }) }) `en put mah miinD at easZ ; ({ ({ wOrk wiit nuttiin buh hustLasz }) }) `en rOLL wiit nuttiin buh G`sz ({

What Means Da World 2 Me Weed,Hennessy,Niggaz Niggaz In Trife Killah Hustle Da Mugle Fo Da Hugle Bo0 Look At All Da Boo ShiT!! AoOooW

My homeboys are everythang I need.. Me without them? Datz Like a blunt with no weed - seductive

dO yOu wanna get hiGh wyt me iF yOu wana get hiGh wyt me Start JacKin fOr jOints

sm0ke a b0wl we are st0nersz we have clasz mesz whit usz nDd will kick y0ur asz f0re all prpesz wh0 think y0ur co0l shut dha fuck up cuz st0nersz rule we sm0ke we t0ke we ch0ke we pasz oh l0rd what w0uld we d0 with 0ut grasz st0nersz live ndD st0nersz die but in dha end we all get high s0 if in lyfe y0u d0nt succeed just fuck it all nDd sm0ke s0me weed

Roll, Roll, Roll a blunt
Lick it at the end
Take Take Take a puff
and pass it to a friend

DoNt wAlK oN tHe GrAsS
[s][M][o][K][e] [I][t]

*SoMeHoW..SoMeWaY..i WiLL SmoKe WeEd ToDaY*

*i'M LiT..i'M BLaZeD..i'M ChoNgEd..i'M FuCkEd Up..RoLL uP DaT BLuNt..n LeMmE HiT iT uP*

SuM PpL SaY..*i'Ve GoT a NeEd 4 SpEeD*..-FuK dAt- i'Ve GoT a NeEd 4 WeEd

propz ta x0_BaByPhAt_0x