KaI'Z SiTe Go<<<<< CoOl StUFf!
funny ASS pictures look hurr!
WeEd PoEmS
161 condom sayings
skateboarding logoz
sex bracelts mean
Wut GuyZ NaMes MeaN!
26 things a aweet guy would do!
1st letta of ur name means.....???
thats wut i call lyrics!
NaUgHtY QuOteS<<<<<<<<<
Love Poems and Quotes!
To Mah Friends!

         I LoVe YoU         
u  mean everything to me!
I love getting ur phone calls at night , or hearing ur voice!
i love everything about u!
the way u can make me smile! I LOVE THAT!
u make me feel so good inside and i never wanna lose that or u!
© Queen-Bees-Palace

YoU gAvE Me YoUr UpS
WhEn I WaS FeElInG DoWn
YoU GaVe Me YoUr SmIlEs
WhEn I BeGaN To FrOwN
YoU GaVe me YoUr ArMs
WhEn I NeEdEd A HuG
YoU GaVe Me YoUr HeArt
WhEn I NeEdEd SoMeOnE To LoVe




SoMeTiMeS i LiE aWaKe LoOKiN aT tHe SkY
sEeiN tHe StArS aS bRiGhT aS yOuR eYeS
wAiTiN iMpAtiEnTLy tO hEaR yOuR vOiCe
iF iT wAs Up tO Me ThErE wOuLd Be No ChOiCe
LyiN bESiDe yOu iS wHeRe i WoULd Be
JuSt tO bE iN yOuR aRmS iS aLL i NeEd*



ThErE mUsT bE a MiLLiOn wAyS i CaNt fInD
tO teLL yOu ThAt yOUR on mY MiNd
hOw dO i fInD ThE wOrDs tO SaY
ThAt yOu'Re ThE oNe i tHiNk AbOuT eAcH DaY
aS i wAtCh yOU FaLL fOr thAt othEr gIrL
hOw do i TeLL yOu ThAt yOu'Re mY wOrLd

10 Signs Of Love <33

[1] Time is an eternity when you're without them.

[2] Time stops when you're with them.

[3] The thought of them makes you shiver with excitement.

[4] The sound of their voice makes you smile.

[5] When you see them, you can't see anything else.

[6] You start listening to sappy love songs.

[7] You actually enjoy listening to sappy love songs.

[8] The smell of them makes you see fireworks.

[9] You find yourself smiling constantly.

[10] You'd do anything, even die for them.