KaI'Z SiTe Go<<<<< CoOl StUFf!
To Mah Friends!
funny ASS pictures look hurr!
WeEd PoEmS
161 condom sayings
skateboarding logoz
sex bracelts mean
Wut GuyZ NaMes MeaN!
26 things a aweet guy would do!
1st letta of ur name means.....???
thats wut i call lyrics!
NaUgHtY QuOteS<<<<<<<<<
Love Poems and Quotes!
To Mah Friends!



For all the times I needed you
And you were there for me
For all the times you showed 
You cared so unconditionally


For all the times a simple word
From you brought lots of smiles
For all the times you sent your 
Love to me across the miles


I hope just once I've done for you
And helped to make your day
As happy and as meaningful
In each and every way


As you have done for me
So many times before
For you deserve it all
That and much, much more!



I love u guys My YiTtLe GrOuP~